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Luke and Lorelai's First Time

Author: Carla Wheeldon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A take on what their first time could be like.
Standing breathless in the hall, Luke turned to Lorelai, his grin
becoming wider by the second as his imagination went into complete
and utter overdrive. Seeing the glint in his eye, Lorelai blushed,
and then stepped in close to him, feeling her stomach muscles
contract as he involuntarily licked his lips in anticipation.
Reaching up to whisper in his ear, she changed her mind at the last
moment, placing a small trail of kisses just at the spot where his
earlobe met his neck, trailing them down and around until she came to
his mouth.

Groaning, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her with all of
the passion he'd been holding back for so long now. His mouth was
hard on hers, caressing, demanding and authoritative. His tongue
sought entry, and she was only too willing to comply, allowing him
entrance and delighting in the duel that followed. And as they
explored each other in the kiss, their hands were following suit.

Finally Luke broke away from her, breathless and needing more of her.

"Lorelai.." he whispered.

Speechless, and quite intoxicated with the emotions this man was
producing within her, Lorelai simply nodded, taking his hand and
leading him up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Shutting the door behind them, Luke turned to Lorelai, taking her in
his arms, needing to hold her, to touch her – just needing her.
Staring down at her, he let his eyes travel over every single one of
her features, drinking her in and committing her to memory, still
slightly fearful that this was all a dream.

Watching him, Lorelai felt her heart tighten. Was he having second
thoughts? Was he regretting telling her that he loved her?

Without quite knowing what she was doing, Lorelai began to move away
from him – and Luke's heart shattered at the thought. Grabbing her,
he pulled her back against him, his heart speaking the words she
needed to hear.

"Don't leave me Lorelai, please god, don't leave me! I love you so
much, I don't ever want to be without you." he said, his words
tumbling out, wrapped in an all encompassing fear that she was
leaving him. "Lorelai?" he whispered.

The kiss was everything either of them had ever wanted, desired or
needed. Stepping back into his arms, Lorelai wound her arms around
his neck as he held her against him, one hand resting on her hair,
the other beginning to explore the soft skin on the small of her
back. He shivered as he discovered that her top didn't quite meet the
waist of her trousers, his body reacting to hers in a way that gave
them no doubt at all.

No doubt at all.

At all.

Lorelai broke the kiss as she felt him react to her, pulling her head
away and grinning up at him. The reaction that he saw in her eyes
took his breath away. He saw love, adoration, and desire.

Lots and lots of desire.

Moving her body against him, Lorelai grinned as his eyes widened,
desire darkening them to a deep sapphire blue.

"Lorelai Gilmore, I love you. My God, do I love you. And I want you"
he groaned, "Now"

"I'm yours, Luke. Always have been, and always will be. So what are
you going to do about it?" Lorelai said, moving away from him and
leading him over to the bed, leaving him in no doubt as to what she

Standing beside the bed, Luke kissed her again, trailing a path of
kisses all over her beautiful face. He finally came to her lips, her
soft, soft lips.  Resting his forehead against hers, he reached up
and trailed a finger along her bottom lip, his eyes never leaving
hers. Opening her mouth slightly, she took his finger into her mouth,
sucking softly, releasing it with a small pop. Already drowning in
desire, Luke swallowed hard, before bringing his lips down on hers,
his tongue tracing a line across them probing them, seeking entrance.
Lorelai wound her arms around his neck, pulling him flush against
her. Parting her lips, she allowed him entrance, groaning into the
kiss as she felt his tongue explore her mouth, his hips unconsciously
mirroring the movements his tongue was making.

Breaking the kiss rather abruptly, Lorelai sat down on the bed,
looking a little stunned, before grinning up at Luke.

"Wow!" was all she could manage, before pulling him down with her,
tumbling backwards with the force of the action. But not before she
saw the look of pride on his face.

"You like?" he leered, the gesture softened by the love and desire
she saw in his eyes.

"Oh yeah" she glowed, "I like."

Wrapping an arm around him, she let her other arm trail down his
chest, before coming to a stop at the button at the top of his jeans,
grinning as she felt his stomach muscles shiver.

"A – And you want more? " he whispered, curving a leg over hers.

"Much, much more" she managed, just before he kissed her once more.

Curled into her, Luke began to explore the woman beneath him. His
fingers inched beneath her top, needing to touch her, to feel her
soft smooth skin. Taking her hands, he laid them above her head,
swiftly returning to her midriff, gently raising her top and
beginning to place soft, sensual kisses just all around her belly,
allowing his tongue to dip in and out as he swirled around her belly
button. Hearing her moan at his touch, he felt himself react even
more, feeling a certain part of his anatomy constrict tightly against
his trousers.

Lorelai gently raised her foot, determined to give Luke at least part
of the pleasure he was giving her. Running a toe up his leg, she came
to the top, feeling a swirl of desire as she found his oh so obvious
reaction to her. Luke moved against her, quite unable to help
himself, rubbing slowly up and down against her foot. His hands never
stopped their exploring either, raising her top more and more, until
he came to the satiny soft black bra that held her breasts in place.
Lorelai gently sat up, and quickly took off her top, before lying
down again, needing his hands on her once more. Luke's hands and lips
found their way to her again, smoothly, wetly and hotly exploring. He
slowly moved up her body, leaving a wildfire trail of kisses until he
reached her breasts.

Raising himself up on one elbow, he looked deep into her eyes as he
let his finger finally trail across one breast, across to the peak of
the other, and back again. Lorelai moved against him, her body on
fire at his touch.. He smiled, his throat thick with desire as he saw
the look in her eyes, the look that he had produced. Reaching over
again, he allowed his fingers to linger a few seconds more, before
lowering his mouth to one peak, his hand mirroring his tongue upon
the other.

His touch on her breasts sent a whirl of desire racing through
Lorelai, and she arched into him, allowing him so much more access to
her breasts. But not quite enough. Raising his head, he grinned at
her, before reaching over to scoop one of her breasts out of her bra,
lowering his mouth to her, his tongue swirling around the nipple,
over and over, his breath hot against her skin. Lorelai's head fell
back, as she arched her shoulders again, needing more of him, wanting
more, craving more. Luke took full advantage of her movements,
slipping his hand beneath her and flicking open the catch on her
bra.  Feeling the material come loose against her, Lorelai's eyes
opened wide, admiration evident in her expression.

"What? I need to touch you Lorelai. I want to taste you and that
thing was most definitely getting in the way!" he said with a glint
in his eye as he dropped the offending garment over the side of the
bed, before returning to her soft, full and very delectable breasts.
Sucking gently on one, he palmed the other, feeling pangs of desire
shooting through him as her nipples hardened at his touch. Raising
his head again, he groaned.

"Lorelai sweetheart, do you have any idea what you do to me?" he

Trailing her foot up his leg again, she came to the bulge at the top.

"I rather think I do" she whispered. "And, " she continued, mirroring
his words of a few moments earlier "These are most definitely getting
in the way" she said, reaching down to undo the top button of his
jeans. He shut his eyes at her touch, feeling her determined hands on
his skin, and feeling them there was almost more than he could
handle. Rolling over onto his back, he held her tightly against him,
taking him with her. He shivered when he felt her hands again,
undoing buttons, searching, discovering more and more of him. Raising
his hips, he bit his bottom lip as she peeled his jeans down,
throwing them behind her, not caring where they landed. All Lorelai
noticed was his boxers, and the way that the material was stretched
across his body. The way that the boxers did nothing to hide his
body's reaction to her, and what a very fine reaction it was. Licking
her lips, Lorelai quickly flung her jeans aside, where they fell and
tangled with his, and Luke took full advantage of her moves, sitting
up and quickly discarding his T-shirt. 

Bringing her eyes back to his, she placed a hand either side of his
knees, bringing one knee up beside his foot. Slowly and reverently,
she climbed back up against his body, lowering her head to place a
quick kiss against the straining bulge in his shorts. His sharp hiss
at her caress caused her stomach to tighten, and she finally stopped,
lying close against his side, one leg cast across his stomach, one
hand exploring the contours of his muscled chest. He wrapped an arm
around her, walking his fingers down her spine and coming to rest
against her bottom – a bottom that was still covered in cotton
undies. Continuing his exploration, he allowed his fingers to delve
inside, coming to rest against the smooth cheeks. Lorelai  rolled
herself over, so that she was lying on top of him, flush against his
body. He reached down between them, his fingers exploring, needing to
touch her, wanting to feel her. Delving inside her pants again, he
found her wet, his fingers slipping between her folds, finally coming
to rest just against the very place he wanted to be the most. As his
fingers explored, Lorelai groaned, needing him inside her, wanting
him more than she had ever wanted anyone.

In one smooth movement, Luke rolled her over and began to peel her
damp undies down her long legs, placing small kisses as he went.
Finally standing at the foot of the bed, he never once broke eye
contact as he reached down his own body and peeled his shorts off,
finally freeing himself. Lorelai, however, broke the eye contact as
he straightened up, her blue eyes coming to rest on his impressive
erection. Her eyes widened as did her grin.

"Is that for me?" she asked, her eyes never leaving the object of her
desire. "Is that all for me?"

"You better believe it, gorgeous!" he said, climbing back up the bed,
stopping for a kiss against her curls, just as she had done moments
earlier. Her legs opened instinctively, and Luke stopped there,
wanting to taste her, needing to feast on her beauty. Placing his
elbows between her legs, he reached up and over and held her hips in
his hands. Lowering his mouth to her, he felt her move against him,
his tongue exploring, nipping and tasting her. He placed wet, open
kisses at the top of each leg, following his caresses with his

"Oh Lorelai, " he groaned, looking up and catching her heavily lidded
gaze.  "You taste so good, baby. You taste so unbelievably good" he
said, before returning to feast on her again. This time, he moved in
closer, his tongue delving into her very centre, in and out, in and
out. Above him, Lorelai began to feel a fire blaze in her belly, a
swirling, raging fire. Her hands grabbed at the sheets as the passion
grew inside, and, between her legs Luke felt her muscles begin to
contract. Knowing she was close, he raised his head, replacing his
dexterous tongue with two fingers, needing to see her, needing to
watch her the first time he made her come.

"Luke," she moaned, "Oh God, Luke, I – I'm "

"Come for me Lorelai, come for me. I want to see you when you come, I
want to feel you, to taste you, I want to make you come, Lorelai" he
chanted, "Come for me, sweetheart. I love you Lorelai, "he said, "I
love you, I love you" he repeated over and over, his fingers matching
the rhythm of his words, his heart and body contracting as she came
around him, repeating his name over and over as she rode the emotions
that tore through her, leaving her breathless and exhausted against
the sheets.

When she finally summoned the strength to raise her head, she found
him grinning up at her, still lying between her legs. Dropping a
quick kiss there, he climbed back up against her body, lying propped
up beside her, his head resting on his hand, his other hand tracing
concentric circles across her stomach. He grinned as she felt her
stomach tighten at his touch, shifting slightly so that she felt him
hard against the outside of her thigh.

"Well hello sailor!" she grinned, reaching down to caress his hard
length, marvelling at the way his blue eyes deepened in colour as his
need for her rose. "Luke, I, that was incredible. I've never – I
mean – well, I've never come like that before." She said blushing
slightly, watching as a feral grin crept across his face.

"Proud to be of service Ma'am" he grinned, lowering his lips to her
breast, kissing each one softly, but urgently. Lifting his head
again, the glint in his eye was gone, replaced by one of pure,
unadulterated love. "Lorelai, I love you. I will always love you.
It's as simple as that. Hey, what're those for?" he asked, kissing
the edges of her tear filled eyes.

"Just – just that I've been in love with you for so long, hearing
those words, hearing you say them, I just, I don't know, I've just
never felt so happy, Luke. I love you too. I really, truly love you.
And, " she reached down between them and wrapping her soft fingers
around him, " I want you just as much."

Luke's eyes closed as he felt her fingers close around him, his body
moving involuntarily into her hand at her featherlight movements. She
began to move her fingers up and down his shaft, smiling as he

"Lorelai, you are one wicked woman, " he croaked out, desire falling
from every word. "  I want you so much at this precise moment, but"
he stopped, not quite sure he was really saying this, " are you sure?
I mean, you looked so….tired a second ago and – "

"Luke, I want you inside me, and I want it now. Move it Hoyland" said
Lorelai, her voice low and laden. Needing no further bidding, Luke
rolled over, pinning her beneath his toned body. Feeling her legs
part beneath him, Luke reached down to touch her, running his hand
along her, finding her wetter than ever.

"Oh god, Luke, please. I need you, Luke. Please" she ground out,
pushing her hips against his erection, needing him inside him so
much, and completely unwilling to wait anymore. "Luke, please, I need
you inside me, I – " and she stopped as he slid into her, filling
her, completing her. They lay still for a few seconds, eye to eye,
heart to heart. Their souls fused together, just as their bodies had.
Slowly, Luke began to move against her, thrusting gently, his
forehead resting against hers.

"Lorelai, you feel so good. You feel so tight, Lorelai. I've
fantasised about this so much, and believe me, my fantasies were
nowhere as good as this." he said, grinding his hips against her. He
stilled for a moment as she wrapped her legs around him, deepening
his penetration. Luke groaned as he felt her move, and he began to
thrust faster, with more urgency. Somewhere, deep inside his passion
fogged brain, Luke knew that he had to slow this down. Still both on
top and inside of her, Luke rested on his elbows, his hands beginning
to explore her chest. He dropped a trail of soft kisses over both
breasts, stilling his movements further down their bodies.

At her groan of disappointment, he opened his eyes and smiled softly.

"Lorelai , you listen to me. I want to make this last. You make me so
hard that if we keep going like we were, this would be over in
seconds. I need to make this last, I want our first time to be
spectacular. I want to be inside you forever, and I want to hear you
scream my name as you come, again and again. "

Luke grinned, thrusting softly against her, feeling her tighten
around him. "And you're close again, aren't you?" he murmured in her
ear, moaning as her hands trailed down his back, grabbing and pulling
him closer into her. "Aren't you?" he demanded, quite unable to stop
himself from picking up the tempo again.

Lorelai nodded wordlessly, feeling the crescendo building within her
as they moved together. Luke reached down and kissed her breasts,
nibbling and nipping at them, his hips matching every movement hers

"Bugger making this last Luke, make love to me and do it now" she
managed breathlessly, "I want to feel you come, Luke, I want to feel
you come deep inside of me,"

And that was his undoing.

He began to thrust against her, powerful, deep thrusts, pistoning in
and out of her. Lorelai writhed against him, straining for release. 
They were breathless, needy and completely entwined within one
another, body and soul. Lorelai opened her eyes, to find him gazing
down at her as he moved within her.

"Lorelai I – I'm close, baby, I'm so close."

"Come with me Luke, " she panted, "Come with me," and with that he
moved against her one last time, and they came together, their climax
lasting for what seemed like forever, each feeling the rainbow of
incandescent stars as they burst around them.

Coming back to earth, Luke laughed at the wonder on Lorelai's face,
before reaching down and kissing the very tip of her nose.

"You are the most incredible woman I have ever met, Lorelai. That was
incredible! In fact, that was quite possible the best four hours I
have ever spent in my entire life. I love you Lorelai" he finished,
dropping another kiss at the base of her neck, feeling her
shiver.   "Lorelai?"

"Wow. "

"Wow?" he grinned, pride welling within him. He'd never reduced
anyone to speechlessness before. Not that there had been that many
before her – and not that there would ever be anyone else again.

"Wow. You – you are amazing Luke. You are quite completely amazing.
Feel my heart, Luke," she said, placing a hot hand over her left
breast, " Just feel it. It's going nineteen to the dozen. It's – "
she stopped, sighing softly as he began to move his palm against her
breast, feeling her nipples harden at his touch. Her eyebrows raised,
and he grinned.

"Well, do you blame me? Lorelai, you are a gorgeous woman, whom I
happen to be in love with, and you are lying naked in my bed. Very
naked, and all hot and bothered. So, " he gestured, looking down at
his body, " Do you blame me?" he grinned, smothering her face with
kisses as he rolled over against her. Feeling him hard against her
leg again, she grinned back.

"Not at all, Luke, but you have to promise me one thing. "

Deep between her breasts, Luke kept kissing her, murmuring "Anything,
Lorelai. Anything for you" and she gasped as he took a nipple gently
between his teeth, nibbling and suckling her.

Wrapping a leg around him, she opened herself to him, groaning as he
once again sought her centre,

"Things can only get better?" she managed.

And as he slid home, his only response was a nod, before they were
once again lost to the world, their hearts beating as one and their
bodies glistening with a promise of things to come.
The End