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Hello and Welcome to Secret Desire, here you will find only the best Luke and Lorelai fictions. So take a moment, look around, find something that intrests you. You can also submit your fiction. Thanks.

- 8*18 - Updated fic Ready for a Change
*Added a couple of challenges
*Added two new fics (Night and Day & Luke and Lorelai's first time.)
* I have about 6 great fics that I'm working on getting up right now so exspect to see them soon.
*I know many of you have noticed that the tag board isn't working, as have I. I'm trying to figure that out so, I'll have it all working soon, hopefully. Thanks so much to all of you for visiting though!
- 8*7 - Finally got more fics up!
Added 8 new fics.
Changed this page around a bit.
- 8*2 - Added 2 fics!
Contacted some authors about hosting their work here.
So hopefully will be adding more soon.
-7*31- Created the site.
Looking for fics to be housed here, will start uploading them soon.
Thanks for stopping by.

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